We invite you into our Office/Showroom where we sit down with you and discuss;

  • Budget
  • Design
  • Lifestyle
  • Expectations

When you leave you will have a comprehensive quotation to take away with you.


Your next appointment is a one on one consultation with one of our Designers to cutomise our house design into your new home.

New Home Builder Order

Within a couple of weeks we will present you with the design of your new home. This is where you will review the plans and make any changes if necessary.

Preliminary Contract and Colour Selection

Colour room appointment this is a very exciting time. You decide on every element of style and design. You will also get to see your full working drawings in A3.

Contract Presentation

This is where everything comes to life. We prepare your customised HIA Building Contract and drawings for you to look at and once you are happy and understand everything, you will then sign off on the contract giving Braewood the go ahead to start preparing for your site start including any applications for permits and approvals.


You can now sit back and relax and enjoy watching your new home being built.

  • Break Ground, Excavation, Foundations
  • Pouring of Slab
  • Utilities. Sewer, Electrical, Water & Gas
  • Frame
  • Roofing
  • Lock up (including brickwork, roong, plumbing & electrical)
  • Fixing (including plaster, kitchen & bathroom fit outs)
  • Finishing Touches


You will meet with the Builder who will proudly display the finished product with all finished products completed. He will take you through your home room by room discussing key features and inviting you to inspect all areas of the house, to ensure it functions and presents as it should.

Final Handover

Finally, construction is complete. You will meet with your Builder and he will explain all your warranties and the maintenance period of your home. Then it is time to move in!

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