Creating your custom home

For many, building a new home will possibly be the single biggest investment of your life. That’s why FutureBuild are dedicated to making this journey as stress free and as exciting as possible, we want you to enjoy the journey. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a spacial place for your family to grow and play, and a place to create memories with those close to you. We will be there to guide you through each and every stage, from the very beginning, to handover of the keys and beyond.

Initial Contact

1. Initial Contact

  • Via website
  • Via Email
  • Via Phone

Communication will take place with us at this stage to discuss your exact situation regarding your building requirements and for us to answer any questions you may have about designing and building your new home.

2. Initial Consultation

After your initial contact, we will organise a sit-down meeting for you with Brad to discuss your individual circumstances, for example do you have land already? Do you have plans already?

If you have plans, we will go through them with you, if not we can offer our in-house design service for you.

Initial Consult with FutureBuild

3. Design Stage

We work with you carefully to understand your particular design style and building preferences to design a home that reflects your personality and requirements. Concept plans will be provided for you to review. This is a very important stage in the process as several concept designs may be required to get the design exactly right for you.

Upon settling on a final design and plan for your new home, we will be able to provide you with an initial estimate of the construction costing of your home.

4. Fixed Price Tender Proposal

At this point in the process you will sit down with Brad to work through your inclusions such as fittings, finishes and all the finer details that go into making your home unique.

Once complete we will have all the information we require to prepare a fixed price tender proposal for you.

Initial Consultation
Preliminary Building Agreement

5. Preliminary Building Agreement

The Preliminary Building agreement will be presented to you along with the tender proposal. This will include preparation of full working drawings, basix report, soil testing, engineering design and home building contract.

The PBA is specific to each job and is dependent upon site location and council requirements. You will be guided as to the most relevant works required for your home.

6. Contract Signing

We have now prepared your home building contract and final construction plans for your final review prior to signing of documents. Once you have reviewed, a meeting will be organised with Brad where all required documents will be signed and any questions you may have can be asked.

We will now apply for the Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) certificate of insurance for you project, once received we will request payment of a deposit as agreed in the home building contract.

Contract Signing
Council Approvals

7. Council Approvals

We will prepare and submit all plans and documentation to council and all relevant regulatory service authorities on your behalf.

Once approval is received, we will conduct a review of all development application conditions relating to the construction of your home.

8. Individual Selections

We will provide you with individual stage selection sheets after the contract signing stage, with an explanation of when each stage is required to be returned and how to complete selections.

If you would like assistance with selections and colour choices, we are available to assist you at any stage or alternatively we can arrange a meeting with our interior designer to assist you.

Individual Selections

9. Construction

Once construction commences on your new home you are encouraged and welcome to meet Brad and/or our project manager on site for designated meetings, to see first hand the progress of your new home. We will update you weekly by email on the progress of you home and what is planned for the week ahead.

We are also available via phone or email to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding the construction of your new home.

10. Handover

We will conduct a final inspection of the home together to ensure all of your needs have been met. We will liaise with council to seek your occupation certificate for your new home and prepare all job specific documentation for your future records.

You will have a personal meeting with Brad at your new home to handover the keys and present your amazing new home to you.

Ongoing Support

11. Ongoing Support

You will have a six month maintenance period from date of handover to address any details that may require attention. If there are details requiring attention, we will organise a convenient time with you to have these addressed.

We will provide a maintenance guide at handover ensure your home is maintained to the highest level. You will receive a six year structural warranty on your new home.

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