Millthorpe Home Build Off Grid

The project in Millthorpe, NSW was designed and built by Future Build Construction Property Development Pty Ltd to be a self‐sufficient, sustainable, healthy, liveable and energy positive home.

By being able to design and build an energy positive home, it enabled Future Build to achieve a better than net zero result for their clients. We worked with triple bottom line philosophy, aiming to improve on environmental, economic and social sustainability, where and when they could throughout this project.

The home has been designed to minimise the need for auxiliary heating, with no requirement of any additional auxiliary cooling system. The utilisation of the natural breezes through careful design and orientation of windows and doors allows the home to be cooled sufficiently in the warmer months.

Having no access to town water it was imperative to be able to collect and store large amounts of rain water. This was done by installing a 135,000 litre rain water storage tank, where all of the homes roof water was diverted.

FutureBuild Milthorpe


  • Use of reclaimed materials
  • Use of Low VOC products
  • Creating a healthy home
  • Fully self‐sustainable home
  • Standalone solar power system
  • Wood fired heater
  • Large rainwater storage tank
  • Onsite sewage management system
  • Simple solar passive design (rectangle floor plan on east west axis allowing 50% of the house full access to the Northern sun)
  • Low maintenance and durable materials used


  • Floor – Waffle pod concrete slab with Burnished finish to living area and ground and polished to full exposure to wet areas
  • Wall and roof framing – Pre fabricated wall frames and roof trusses made from plantation pine, supplied by Truss and Frame Factory in Bathurst
  • Wall cladding – Galvanised corrugated iron sheeting and Weathertex vertical groove board
  • Roof ‐ Galvanised corrugated iron sheeting
  • Work shop doors made from recycled cypress pine sourced from the old potato factory in Millthorpe.
  • Front door and fireplace top made from recycled Oregon sourced from the old potato factory in Millthorpe. Both items were made by a local tradesman in Orange.
  • Windows – Aluminium framed double glazed awning windows supplied by Taberner Glass in Orange
  • Roof and ceiling insulation – Heavy duty foil sarking to roof and R6.0 bulk insulation batts to ceiling
  • Wall insulation – 15mm Foilboard fixed to external face of external walls with R2.0 bulk insulation batts to external walls
  • Internal wall linings – standard 10mm plasterboard
  • Hot water system – Continuous flow LP gas unit
  • Water supply ‐ From a 135,000 litre heritage rainwater storage tank
  • Septic system – Concrete septic tank with absorption trenches
  • Solar power – 5Kw stand‐alone solar power system