FAQ: What is a Pellet Heater?

On a recent new home build in Blayney we installed a Pellet Heater to warm their house during winter. A lot of people have been asking, what is a pellet heater, how does it work, what are the benefits etc.

A pellet heater is a type of wood-fire heater that is fueled by small wooden pellets sourced from renewable timber plantations. The pellets are made from pressed churned wood or biomass pellets. It’s a mostly ethical source of heating – pellets are sourced from renewable timber plantations across Australia.

Pellet burning is basically carbon-neutral – as the timber plantations that create the pellets are ethically managed and renewed, using this source for heating is virtually carbon neutral.

Creates very little ash and offer a relatively clean burn – with the aid of the internal fan, air is pumped directly onto the fledgling flames. This means that more of the combustion turns into heat and less into smoke. You don’t need fire-lighters, newspaper or matches, at the flick of a switch they are ready to go. Pellet Heaters have 50 times less particulate emissions compared to open wood fires and 5 times less particulate emissions than wood stoves.

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Pellet Heater